Staff of the Laser and Additive Manufacturing Department    



Prof. Dr.  Mohamed Bahaa El Din Zaghloul,


(Former) President of the Central Metallurgical

Research and Development Institute (CMRDI), Egypt






Prof. Dr.  Khalid Mahmoud Abd Elghany


    Dean of the Advanced Manufacturing Institute  (At CMRDI)


Founder and Exe. Director of

The Laser and Additive Manufacturing Research Dept. (2003 till Now)






WORK GROUP (Academic Staff)

Prof. Dr. Haytham Abd Elrafea Elgazar     (Laser Technology, Mat Proc. and AM)  

Dr. Hassan Abd Elsabour     (Mech Eng, Laser Material Processing)

Dr. Mohamed Abd El Latif     (Mech Eng, RE,  CAD/CAM Design)

Eng. Mohamed Elsharkawy     (Mech Eng.  CAD/CAM Design)

Eng. Taha Fayez    (Mechatronics, Laser Technology and AM)

Ms. Amina Ibrahim     (Public Relationship / Customer Support)